Thursday, May 26, 2011

QoD VH Frater AM Reveals the Training of Ninja Kittens

Oh no, someone spotted my evil plan to train Ninja Kittens. VH Frater AM reveals the pounding of the war-drums as people take sides in the Garden Gnome and Troll-Doll War of 2011.

"But an even more disturbing turn of events was noted when Morgan Eckstein recruited some Neo-Pagans, Druids, and Witches to train Evil Troll-Doll defending Ninja Kittens to specifically counter Mr Farrell's attack puppies. Folks there is some very disturbing video footage here. These Colorado Golden Dawn Intoxicated Neo-Pagans are vicious. Beware of the hideous growling and vicious behavior of these Ninja Kittens and the severe trauma imposed upon the attack puppy."

But it does not matter that my activities have been revealed. Bwahahaha! I will still get Nick and his little pups too.


Kalagni said...

Ninja Kittens?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...


Scott Stenwick said...

If only the Japanese had been training Ninja kittens in the 1940's, they could have joined forces with the talking Nazi dogs and turned the war around for the Axis powers. That is, if they didn't spend all their time fighting and chasing each other instead of the Allies.