Wednesday, May 25, 2011

QoD Rufus on Demonic Plumbing

Rufus just wrote a pro-home ownership post on his blog that included the following gem:

"Jesus, did you know that plumbers just basically go into a house and plumb it however the fuck they want? As long as the water goes down the right hole, it's pretty much legal. I'm pretty sure the people who plumbed this house over the last 60 years were dabblers in the Necronomicon. If I ran all the faucets and flushed all the toilets at the same time, Marduk would appear in the living room, no lie."

I thought that the plumber who did my house was bad (the man managed to get fool-proof parts in completely backwards)---and don't get me started about the other work he did (he was a plumber, supposely)---but I agree with Rufus that I would rahter own a house than be a renter.


Donald Michael Kraig said...

Plumbers a licensed. So are doctors and psychologists. Once they get a license they are practically free to do whatever they want as long as it is within their "scope of practice." A plumber can put things in backwards. A doctor can take an 8-hour training and do plastic surgery. A psychologist can read a book on hypnosis and legally use hypnosis in their practice. Meanwhile, a hypnotherapist who gets hundreds of hours of training is not licensed, can't charge what a psychologist charges, can't get insurance payments, etc.

Scott Stenwick said...

Over the years I've joked about writing a book called "The Bad Handyman: Adventures in Renovation." Everybody who's owned a house knows the bad handyman - he or she is whoever worked on the house before you bought it. You'll be fixing something and suddenly be like, "wait, they did what here?"