Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I do my own artwork

I do my own artwork and photography. That needs to be understood if the the following statement is going to make any type of sense. I don't care if you think it is a waste of time or not. One of the recent comments that was tossed about in the flurry of the latest Epic of Hurt Feelings is that someone was wasting a whole bunch of their time playing around with photoshop. I was disappointed to learn that the photoshopped images were actually being farmed out (outsourced)---being done by an internet artist---and not being done by one of the people involved in the ruckus. *sigh* Does it change the humor level of the images? No. But it did seem like an enjoyable way to vent. And I am equally disappointed by the person who thought that someone should be doing "Work" rather than playing around with photoshop. Playing around with photoshop is work (I also edit all my own artwork and photos---hence why they look like they were done by a six-year old). I do not like the implication that art and photography and photoshop are not proper activities for an Adept to engage in. It is part of my skill set (it might end up being my "earn-the-rent" job). What next? It is a waste of time to pet my cat or make love to my wife? It is a slippery slope when you start deciding what is proper for an Adept to do in their spare time---one cannot be in circle all the time (literally, not figuratively). Even if one does not like the use of photoshopped images, one should not say that the activity of making them is complete waste of time---there would be less murders in the world if more people were busy using photoshop instead (or curses, or drunken and disorderly, or fill-in-the-blank). That is my dime of wisdom for the day.

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Unknown said...

Excellent points all around, although if we're thinking of the same hubbub (and I really don't check my reader often enough, so there's too much of it for me to keep track of), I had gotten the feeling that the idea was that we shouldn't spend so much time carefully crafting ways of sniping at and insulting each other. Which is something I can get behind, as it gives me more time to screw around in photoshop ;-)