Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My attittude to lineage

One of the things that I occasionally get curious about is my own lineage. The question tends to come up when I stumble across something that supposely only those with "real" lineages are supposed to be exposed to---something that I already know despite my less-than-golden lineage.

The last time this happened, I was leafing though Mather's Last Secret. And I was like, "Oh, that is where that traces to...gee, I wonder where Hathor Temple got the information from."

This curiosity is always momentary. Within an hour, I had moved onto bigger and better concerns. Quite honestly, my lineage is not important to me.

I think that this is a reaction to dealing with some people who claimed super-great lineages, but were in the running for most abusive occult leader ever. If lineage means that one gets to be an a**-hat, then I would prefer to lineage-less. It was also the same attitude that Hathor Temple had---which is a whole another story for another day.

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Scott Stenwick said...

Let's make a rule of it - all lineages must pass the Asshat Test if they want to be taken seriously.

If we really could make a rule of it, my guess is that the quality of discourse in the occult community would be vastly improved.