Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remains of the Undesirables (Open Full Moon follow-up)

For those who attended the June Hearthstone Community Church's Open Full Moon Ritual, where I told three slightly warped myths, and for those who could not attend (but are still curious): Here is a picture of the remains of the "undesirables," those things that we did not want to have in our lives anymore. (Information for those who did not attend:) We gathered a little note from everyone stating something that they did not want in their lives, and placed the notes in a shoebox coffin and duct-taped it shut. The shoebox was burned in the possession of the other lodge members that weekend (because it wrong to burn things in a church that has already suffered a major fire). We discovered that duct tape burns faster than paper and cardboard---a helpful tip that I might use for magical effect in the future (I do a lot of fire sacrifice magic). The reason for the photo being posted so late is simply that it has been sitting in the camera for days on end.

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Rufus Opus said...

How does a picture sitting in the camera for days on end cause it to be posted so late?

It just refused to budge? It was all, fuck you man, I ain't doing' shit!?

Do better behaved photos take a little initiative and move themselves right to the post usually?