Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celtic Soul Jewelry photo day

Decided to spend the day photographing pictures of the jewelry that my wife is making for her online Etsy shop: Celtic Soul Jewelry. She caught me in the right mood, and I had uploaded three articles that I wrote to internet the night before, so I decided that today was as good as a day as any to fix the bad set of photos that previously been uploaded to Etsy. How bad were they? You didn't see me give a link to them, did you? My professional standards kicked in, and you know how I get---I refuse to give links to sites that I consider eye-sores. I think the primary problem was that the lighting and backgrounds for the pieces were bad. So today, the seven pieces that she had already up on Etsy got new photos. I am still not happy with the thumbnails; I need to actually figure out the best way to do this project for that site. Nevertheless, I am much happier with the new photos. And hopefully, it was a slow news day on the internet, and I didn't miss anything of importance today. Tomorrow, I got to write a newsletter column and a blurb for the June 10th Hearthstone Community Church Open Full Moon Ritual which I am leading (hello boys and girls, it is story time). Oh, if you are curious, all three pendants seen in this photo are available in the Etsy shop: Celtic Soul Jewelry. 

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