Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obama has a time machine (the shocking proof)

At the Republican National Convention tonight, the lovely and super intelligent wife of the greatest President-to-be, Melania Trump gave a great speech. A speech that she and a political writer spent five weeks working on. And it was such a good speech, so perfect for helping one's husband get elected that Michelle Obama stole it and went back in time, using the super secret Presidential time machine, and gave the speech herself eight years ago. That is right, the Obama have access to a time machine and they are using it to make Melania Trump look like a word thief.

Totally false, Melania Trump did it much better than that ugly black girl did.
Yes, what more proof do you need that the Obama and his wife are completely evil, and that only the great and honorable Donald Trump can save us from them? What are they going to do next? Go back in time and prevent the Twenty-second Amendment from being ratified? It could happen. After all, we all know that Obama wants to have a third term as President, and if he could get elected for a third term that would remove the need to declare martial law and take away all your guns. Though he will still come for your guns because it is super-fun, but it is even better if he is already President-for-Life.

(The XXII Amendment is the nasty one that says you are only allowed to serve two terms as President. And it is a bigger problem for Obama than Trump. After all, much of the United States has been nuked by atomic weapons in the Great Mexican Muslim Rebellion by the time it comes time for Trump to get elected for a third term--by that point, the Constitution has been voted out of existence by a fanatic Congress who sees Trump as their only hope. Read your future history books people!)

So here we have the shocking proof that Obama is testing a time machine to wreck havoc on our country. How very Muslim of him!

See Michelle Obama copied Melania Trump's exact words.
And you know that it is true because there is no way that Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, would ever steal anything from Obama. It has to be Obama and his wife who are the guilty parties here.

And if you think that there might be some chance of Melania could be the guilty one---how dare you! She is a beautiful white gal with a charming accent. There is no way that she would do such an evil deed. It has to be the black woman and her husband. You know it deep in your honest Republican bones. So quick, go get your guns---you need to rush to the White House and capture that time machine before Obama goes back in time and causes the South to lose the Civil War.

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