Friday, July 8, 2016

Want to be President-for-Life?

You call this evil?! You have no idea what evil is.
If I was the President and wanted to declare martial law, I would nuke an American city off the face of the earth. There would be no half measures. In the space of a minute, you could get the entire country chanting "Martial law! Martial law!" and could do away with any rights and protections that the law promises. And the military would back your ass, and overlook the fact that there is supposed to be an election in a few months. This stuff we are currently seeing is just humans being the stupid, violent creatures that they are. Someone who is determined to be President-for-Life, and wants to completely override the Constitution would not bother with such half-ass measures---they would go for broke, and not care about how many people that they turned into ashes. Greatness means killing the maximum number of people as history very well informs us.

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