Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Failing to be inspirational (reaction to recent shootings including Boston)

As anyone who has watched the news lately, or has browsed the internet, can tell you, there has been a lot of violence and tragedy lately. It seems like not a day goes by without some storm destroying homes, or people running amok with guns, or someone suffering unbearable economic misfortune. And one is given a choice between sharing the misery, or trying to remain positive. The correct answer I have been told is to remain positive.

Being part of the clergy, well sort of, and being an esoteric teacher, well sort of, I feel that not only do I have to remain positive, I have to say inspirational, enlightening, and quite possibly instructional things about the tragedies that are happening. It is my duty to point out how we can use tragic events to evolve the human species, and ourselves, into a better and gentler race. Or at least, this is what social programming tells me that I should be doing, given those pieces of paper that I keep buried deep in a drawer.

Honestly, I fail miserably when it comes to saying inspirational stuff. There is a part of me, the same part that understands those chaotic gods of evil that color most of the world’s mythology, that screams “Poppycock!” and other less printable obscenities whenever I watch someone saying how tragedy makes us stronger, and how humanity will grow out of our barbarism and weakness, evolving into a more angelic species, fit to be the crown jewel of creation.

To say that I have a low opinion of human potential and an inherent distrust of the universe would be a slight understatement. I naturally assume that humans are generally selfish evil wild animals who have learned to use tools, and that the universe could end our species in a heartbeat if the dice fall wrong on any given day. Let’s be honest; my world view is not the most pleasant one around; in fact, a serial ax murderer would probably have a more positive outlook than I do.

Still I try to keep in good spirits, seeing the humorous side of life. After all, just because the universe is a dangerous place, fraught with peril, and one belongs to a species that make the need to populate the universe with demons rather redundant, there is no reason to walk around constantly depressed. I may be a cynic, but I am a happy cynic.

And while I may not have anything particularly positive or inspirational to say, I can keep my corner of the internet reasonably nice to wander into. For on those really depressing days, I can promise myself that I will share two cute cat memes for every bad piece of news that I share. Three or four cat memes to every piece of bad news if I find that even I cannot bear the darkness and gloominess of the news. After all, it is the least I can do to amuse myself. I may not be able to inspire others; but at least, I can amuse myself.

The original #nolivesmatter crowd.
Catnip is expensive---say thank you if a stranger offers you some.
Opinions about the latest tragedy? Denver Witch Quarterly is looking for editorials for the next issue. 

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