Friday, July 8, 2016

Can I skip the gun talk?

The latest shootings of both cops and civilians is making me a little sick to my stomach, and I would like not to have to talk about it. Yes, I know that other lunatics are going to talk about it. But honestly, I have nothing spiritually enlightening to say about any of it. I don't think that there is any spiritual message to this mess, especially if it means more guns on either side of the problem. And no, I don't think that there is a magical solution to it. I am quite sure that certain parties will be preaching "More guns! More guns!" tomorrow because that is their solution to all violence. And yes, I think that they are wrong for suggesting that more guns are the solution to the problem. And yes, I am looking at you two lunatics. Please remember that I think that their talk of conspiracies, and the evil slavers (government, corporate, religious, terrorists, hostile races) we must arm ourselves against is nothing more than a way to keep their membership paranoid and invested in an "end days" battle where they are the heroes, and the rest of us mere villains and convenient targets. Being enlightened and magically aware does not mean that you have to personally get involved in saving the world, especially if it involves you having to pick up a gun, so that you can shot someone in the face. In other words, when certain parties start screaming, "More guns! More guns!"--please think twice about whether we really want to see the death toll from guns to continue to creep upwards.  And if you call yourself Rosicrucian, or lead a Rosicrucian organization, and think more guns is the answer, you need to re-read the RC manifestos. "More guns!" is not a Rosicrucian answer to this problem.

Stop killing people you fucking jerks.

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