Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Your gun is perfectly safe (so shut the f*** up)

For all you gun nuts and Second Amendment fetishers, shut the f*** up. The government is not going to come and take your precious p***** substitutes away. President Obama is not going to declare martial law and become President-for-Life (Trump does that on September 2024--read your future history books people!). Your guns are perfectly safe, and you can buy hundreds and thousands more of them and stockpile them in some strange Satanic Waco James Town cache along with the cherry Kool-Aid that you love so much.

And yes, I know that I should not be talking about guns, and gun control, because we are still fresh from the latest gun violence mass shooting tragedy. By that social custom, because there is a mass shooting event every week, we are never allowed to talk about gun control.

And if I am not allowed to talk about guns, you should not be allowed to talk about guns either.

I think that the media should just shut the f*** up about gun violence. The media should talk about guns, and their associated violence, for just five minutes a day. No more! Why? Because we are not going to do anything about it, so there is no point in talking about it anymore. So just shut the f*** up!

You wanna know why I know that we are never going to do anything about guns?

Five words. Sandy Hook--twenty kids dead.

If the death of twenty kids was not enough to enact meaningful gun control, there is not a tragedy large enough to make it happen. It does not matter how many people you shoot, or why, or who---none of it matters because good ol' Murica has decided that guns are more important than children. Don't believe me--just Google the number of toddlers who have shot someone this year, including themselves on occasion.

It does not matter if it is whites, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Christians, Jews, police, Presidents, or little green reptiles wearing human body flesh suits. If twenty children was not enough, no gun violence event is ever going to be big enough to move the NRA brought politicians into angering their reptilian masters.

So quit stirring up fear and go back to your secret room where you are planning the overthrow of the United States government, the murder of your ex-wife, and every f***ing coworker that flipped you off. Your guns are perfectly safe, and you can shoot anyone you want right in the face anytime you want to.

Oh look how large your p**** is! I just want to make love to you right now you sexy mass shooter.


Imperator David Griffin said...

The beautiful thing about the First Amerndment is that it protects all forms of free speech, even speech as dumb as in this article.

Such articles, Morgan, are a shining testimony that the First Amendment is alive and well in the USA.

You can count on me, bro., to defend to the death your right to say the stupid things you do.

Imperator David Griffin said...

Oh, and thank Morgan you for the sweet things you said on Facebook yesterday about the anniversary of Adam's passing.

You are a good hearted person. Sooner or later you will come around.

After all, like my Daddy used to say:

"A conservative is just a liberal who got mugged."