Friday, July 15, 2016

Second Annual Raise Your Wands Gun Week!

In light of the fact that we are suffering reruns of terror and violence, soon to be followed by calls that More Guns!! will make everything better, it is now time for me to run a rerun in response. Enjoy.

For the person who believes that I should not be stirring up trouble.

Raise Your Wands Gun Week!

Guest lecture: Dr. Evil
Sponsored by Gun TV

Kitchen Sink says, "The answer is More Guns!"

Hog Dee says: "Guns make you safe!"

When: Any day in 'Merica
Where: First place Mars Attacks!

Please join us in our worldwide magic spell to end gun violence by invoking the great god Elohim Gibor, and forcing the governments of the world to give every man, woman, child, and unborn fetus, an assault weapon and a million rounds of ammo.

Remember only a Magician with a Gun can prevent a Muggle from shooting Sitting Ducks.

[MDE 2015]

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