Monday, July 4, 2016

Witch binds and hexes Donald Trump in bizzare witchcraft ritual.

America--Don't vote for Stupid!

Donald Trump, in the name of witches, especially any witches you want to burn at the stake, we bind you. No, you do not get along fine with the witches. Witches, at least some of us, do not like your ferret wearing Cheeto face with your tiny little hands. Many of us think that you are a dick.

Stop mistreating the bottom 90%. Stop screwing small businesses. Don’t make healthcare for the bottom 90% unavailable and unaffordable. Stop breeding more hate. Stop tax cuts for the rich. Stop doing these things. Just stop it, damn it!

Don’t press any big red buttons, not the big red nuclear button, not the big red “let’s melt the economy down into slag” button, not the big red “let’s make the values of the Bible thumpers be the legal law of the land,” not the big red “the bigotry of the 1950s be the law of the land,” not the “burn all the non-Christians for the fun of it” button.

We do not like your business practices; we do not like your seething boiling cauldron of hatred; we do not like you on the idiot box; we do not like you on Twitter; we do not like treatment of women; we do not like your idea that only winners, also known as people with boatloads of money, that only winners matter.

We do not think that you are a winner; we do not think that you are the bomb with the women, the blacks, the Mexicans, and anyone else you think loves you for hating their guts. We think that you a big mean poopie head, a bully, and a bigot that is conning the American public, that you are the Frankenstein monster of the Republican party.

Wake up America! Trump is not the friend of the poor, the middle class, the minorities, women, of anyone who does not belong to the one percent.

We bind him, as witches, as a public service to America. Damn you Trump for fermenting the very worse traits of the United States of America. Damn you Trump, you Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing, shit eating hobgoblin.

Remember America that the best way to bind a bad politician is to vote for their opponent.

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