Sunday, April 15, 2012

Disclosures and fair warning

First, the disclosures---

For those who are curious, I came out of the broom closet in 1978. I have been openly Wiccan ever since.

Several Golden Dawn groups have allowed me in, and promoted me despite the fact that I am openly Wiccan. And yes, that includes Inner Order.

It was David Griffin who first called me a Golden Dawn leader. And we all know that he is absolutely correct in all things Golden Dawn. Of course, it should be noted that everytime he calls me a Golden Dawn leader, it is because I said or did something that he disapproves of.

Now the fair warning---

While I am waiting the final outcome of the vote, enourgh votes have already been cast to indicate that my resignation is going to be rejected by Bast Temple, and the verdict of "no GD crime committed" is going to happen. Which means that I am still a member of Golden Dawn despite the fact that some would like to see me leave for my offenses against them.

Then again, no non-HOGD/AO can truly be considered Golden Dawn given the lack or rejection of lineage and the Secret Chiefs and the Third Order and their representative, so you can still consider me part of the anti-GD. In fact, I imagine that the Secret Chiefs are going to declare me banned from Golden Dawn any day now.

So yes, I can be a member of GD, and not a member of GD; a leader of GD, but not a leader of GD. And it is all because of the rules that someone else insists playing by.

Next up: More Elvis! Stay tuned.


Sincerus Renatus... said...

Morgan, this is just plain silly. Nobody wants you out of the Golden Dawn. (To be honest, the G.D. community would be much more boring without you.) Whatever gave you that idea? Can't you take any critique without blowing your fuses?


Alia said...

SR, your sarcasm detector needs tuning. I can see what is going on without even being a member of the GD, but if you need clarification I should be happy to edify you, though I may need to research a name or two first.

I will be traveling today so it may take me a while to respond.

Joseph Max said...

@S.R.: "Can't take any critique"??? I can't believe you can say that without your head exploding.