Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am pagan and wiccan and in Golden Dawn

It was with some amusement yesterday that I read that there is only one Golden Dawn Order with an openly pagan leader. Gee, I can name a few others...except that a comment by me is currently the kiss of death. Heck, for two seconds there, me a pagan and a Wiccan was a Golden Dawn leader...just long enourgh to burn my union card for saying something that I consider to be the truth.

So why are the Wiccans and pagans not more visible in Golden Dawn?

Simply, because a member's religion is no one else's business. Those of us who known as pagans and Wiccans fall into two categories---either we are open about our religion with everyone despite society's attempt to shut us up and accidentally became visible in Golden Dawn, or we are pagan and Wiccan leaders who just happen to study and practice Golden Dawn techniques.

In my case, I was open about my religion before encountering Golden Dawn, and borrowed some stuff that was not bolted down.

In the case of the supposed "only pagan GD leader" they have claimed the right to be a pagan leader by virtue of super-secret lore placed in their possession. Of course, given the fact that the pagans and Wiccans are generally anti-leadership, claiming to be a pagan leader almost makes you NOT a leader in the first place.

So both Golden Dawn styles have pagans among their leaders; it is more of a question of if one is willing to sit in the same lodge with them.


Alia said...

There are Pagans and/or Wiccans in the Masons as well. In their case, the belief in God is required, but the god does not have to be YVWH. Oh, and except for the co-Masons, you must also be male.

S Warkwright said...
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Nemesis said...

Aw, for cryin' out loud. Would you quit your whining for this once, Morgan. First you claim you are not a LEADER of the Golden Dawn. Then you claim you QUIT the Golden Dawn. Then you claim you are a Pagan, a Wiccan, and a Golden Dawn leader (while misquoting and misattributing the quote, BTW.

So which is it, Morgan. It is kind of like being a virgin. Either you are or you are not.

Well, what is it? How die the date go?

Tabatha said...

Our order (HOGD) has plenty of pagans, as well as Christians, gnostics, jews, buddhists, etc.

Tabatha said...

PS: I recently put up a new blog for The Societas Rosicruciana in America.

Our most famous member, Israel Regardie, was Jewish.... :)

Rebsie Fairholm said...

There is an extent to which all these distinctions are superficial anyway. While some people like to follow a well defined path and label themselves accordingly, there's no reason why you can't work with several different strands. Being true to yourself is better than conforming to outer definitions and expectations.

Alex Sumner said...

Here's a thought... can an *Atheist* be a Golden Dawn member?

lux_infinitas said...

@Alex, personally I think this would depend on whether or not the person in question was a Richard Dawkins kind of Atheist or Chaosmage Agnostic, not sure of it one way or the other. I would be able to work with the latter much easier I think.

Unknown said...

The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea is open to any religion, Christian, Jewish, Thelema, and Pagan. One of its chiefs is a follower of Jeff. It is not important what religion you have, so long as you have a belief in a divine being that is bigger than yourself and is running things.
I don't think an atheist can be a member of any magical group, particular Golden Dawn type operations. In the 5=6 ritual you are called to surrender to your Divine Self. If you don't believe in one, then you end up surrendering to your Ego and making that your God instead,