Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why the valerian is in jar and locked in a closet

True story---the cat ate the valerian.
Found this meme picture and so many others at Little fails of a Wiccan Cat.

True story---the very first time I brought valerian root, I came home and left it on the counter. I came back later and discovered that cats like valerian much better than they like catnip. I have also discovered that they will open a box of tea bags if the tea has valerian in it.

That is why at my house, valerian is not only kept in a jar, it is also locked in a cat proof closet.

Unfortunately, Elvis occasionally lets the cats into the closet and mayhem occurs. That last part may or may not be true...depends upon how much you like fried banana sandwiches.

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Deanna Bonds said...

After reading this my cat now wants me to buy her some Valerian root.

In times past I used to chew on Valerian roots in stressful times to help relax.