Monday, April 2, 2012

The Official BIORC stance on Secret Chiefs

Another thing I realized reading the internet today is given the wide views about the Secret Chiefs, that it would be useful for some to know the official Bast Temple (BIORC) stance on Secret Chiefs. Straight from the bylaws of the group, we have:

The lodge does not recognize the authority of the Secret Chiefs. The Secret Chiefs have been used to justify the abuse of power and authority in other groups. If the Secret Chiefs do contact a member of the lodge (Order), we will try to keep an open mind, but their suggestions and commands will not become law in the lodge unless approved by the voting members of the lodge. (Passed on 16 Sept 2001.)

By the way, this was in the bylaws long before any Bast Temple member heard of David Griffin.

And that is all the Bast Temple officially says about the Secret Chiefs. Sad, isn't it? You would think that we would be knee-deep in lore about the Secret Chiefs---after all, the Secret Chiefs have been behind all the important stuff in the system. But no, we merely note that we do not recognize their authority.

After I leave, I imagine that the bylaw will be rewritten to include "their representatives from other Orders." I will be the last member of the BIORC that Griffin can use the "your fellow members must be upset at your actions towards me and my Order" ploy against.

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Joseph Max said...

From the Constitution of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn:

Article VII: Of the Third Order

Section 1: Of the Masters

1. Whereas the College of Adepts renders due respect to the Masters of the Sanctuary of the Silver Star or Third Order and as that Estate is rendered invisibly upon Adepti by the Cosmos, and as the administration of the Order must be Public and Transparent to the Adepts and Neophytes of the Order, Membership in the Third Order shall in no way grant especial Authority that circumvents this Constitution and the Duly Elected Officers of the Order and its Lodges.