Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am looking forward to some cursing

Rufus just exploded and reminded me that if my resignation is accepted, I get to go back to cursing people. That pesky oath of obligation has been in the way for too long, and I have a long list of people I have beefs with. And there is a whole bunch of black magic I have been waiting to try out. It will be like the good old days again. C'mon Bast Temple you know that you want to let me loose.

(And in no way should this blog post be read as an admission of previously black magic use...I was never a power hungry psychopath dabbling in dark ceremonial magic.) 

Hey, I can now work with the Picatrix---let the good times begin.


Peregrin said...

Hey Morgan, can we send you our lists of people to curse once you're free of the oath?

Be interesting cross checking the names :)

Samuel said...

That is a good idea Peregrin, I think it would be best to cross reference those lists.... ;-)

Rufus Opus said...

The last few weeks have been packing the powder, but your resignation antics sparked it off.

I've been hinting around about it sans subtlety for a while now, but no one seemed to be picking up on it. If you're the Shepherds of the Spiritual Health of Western Civilization, prove you can handle your ship. Otherwise, step down from the pulpit, admit you're just a bunch of philosophers trying to figure shit out like the rest of us schmucks, and give up the claims of omniscience.

Actually, now that I think about it, that's exactly what Nick's been doing. Go Nick.

The ocelot said...

Don't forget your friends who are too busy chasing kids on horses around (while yelling "HEELS DOWN" and praying fervently that the little critters - the kids, not the horses - don't fall off) to go waving the Wand of Naughtiness much these days.

In other words, why don't you warm up by lobbing a curse at my student loans? (grins)

The ocelot said...

How 'bout lobbing a curse at my student loans? (grins)

In all seriousness, this is why I've never been much of a joiner. Sooner or later, a really good system always gets screwed up by someone/a few someones. (shrugs) Maybe it's supposed to work that way so things keep changing and evolving, but it's a bit much for me.

Now get to cursin'! (grins)

The ocelot said...

Bugger. The first comment went through when I thought it hadn't. Sorry 'bout that.

Now, I have *six* Secret Chiefs, so I think I can safely answer - or have them answer - any questions of legitimacy that may arise...