Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yes I am resigning

Yes, I am resigning from Golden Dawn. I have no choice.

David Griffin and the membership of his Order, the HOGD/AO demand an apology for something I wrote. Actually several things. And Griffin says I used the vilest language to describe his membership. Honestly, the man has not worked construction if he thinks that my language was that bad.

Several times over the last few years, Griffin has told me that my fellow members, the good people of Bast Temple, are getting tired of my bad-mouthing of him. I am sick and tired of him trying to shut me up as a blogger, book reviewer and a writer. I do not agree with all the man's opinions, and I think that I have a right to speak my mind.

He believes that as a member of Golden Dawn that I do not have that right. Therefore, I am going to resign from Golden Dawn to keep my right to continue saying what I believe to be true.

I believe that it is wrong to ask one's membership to give a writer a whole bunch of negative one-star reviews on Amazon. If I did something like that, I would be voted out of office. But then again, I am not really Golden Dawn, am I? After all, I was elected to the office that I hold.

I was taught that you look after the health of the egregore first and foremost. My resignation protects the egregore of my group, prevents it from being poisoned by the fact that I think that Griffin has crossed a line. It does not matter what Griffin intended; the actions that he and his group have taken raises alarm bells on the cult evalution scales. And once you start down that slope, it is hard to hit the brakes.

I am not going to apologize for opinions that I hold. I would rather resign from the tradition I love rather than to tell the lie he wants me to tell. Apologizing for saying something that I believe would be telling a lie. It would poison the very heart of the egregore that I am charged with protecting.

Therefore, I chose to leave Golden Dawn. But do not think that I am going to shut up.


Rufus Opus said...

dude, you're giving him too much power. He's a talking head on the internet.

If your GD magic and tradition is this meaningless, fuckin a, you should have resigned years ago.

This is stupid.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Two things to remember.

I have been polite up to now.

And my lodge still have to vote to accept my resignation.

IM Research said...

and it is still April 1 right??

If this is not an act of folly, then good on you for putting your brethren first.

M.C. said...
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Samuel said...

I presume that this is part of an April's Fool gag!

In any event, if it is real, why should you resign from the Golden Dawn? You are a member of the GD Community, are you not? Have you not worked for the GD and the GD Community?

Why kowtow to the wishes of a person and his followers that are on the outside of that selfsame Golden Dawn Community? Who have constantly for the last 15+ years have harrassed, threatened, and belittled anyone and everyone that they thought were in opposition to them.

Last I recall, as a citizen of the US Morgan you have the Right of Free Speech (First Admendment and all).

Again, why kowtow to the wishes of someone that only seeks to shout down and silence any and all differing opinions?

Personally, I do not see how someone from the OUTSIDE of the Golden Dawn Community can have such an influence upon you and your actions within the GD Community. If you have run your Temple and Order to the best of your ability, done the correct things, what does it matter to someone that is not a member of your Order and Temple? Not a member of the overall Golden Dawn Community?

Let Griffin and his followers howl and gnash teeth in the wastelands. Their opinions mean naught. They are defined by their very Words and Actions, and it is clear what sort of people (both mundane and magical) they are.

Keep on blogging!!!


Unknown said...

I wouldn't worry Morgan according to Griffin I have never been a member of the Golden Dawn. So if I haven't you are already not a member of the Golden Dawn too. Mind you David was thrown out of the Golden Dawn and then went on to form his own A+O group, so he is not a member of the Golden Dawn either.
Thus there is no one who is a member of the Golden Dawn... confused... well it is Monday.