Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rash of occultists sending out spam

The only good spam is the sandqwich meat that kitty loves. Yes, my cat loves spam---he might be Hawaiian.
There are three big news stories today. And two of them are not really important.

To the first one, I say, "That old news has been around the soap opera sewer for ages."

To the second one, "Promise that I do not have to read your comments ever again?"

And finally, the one I chose to blog about---Darcy Kuntz is not sending out spam. It just looks that way.

One of the things that has reared its ugly head in the pagan and Wiccan communities is that sometimes you recieve a piece of spam from someone that you are surprised is sending you spam. It has now moved to the Golden Dawn and ceremonial magic communities.

So while I have recieved several spam emails from "Darcy Kuntz," I seriously doubt that it is Darcy doing it.

Either they have hacked into Darcy's current email account, or they discovered and hacked into an abandoned email account that he used to have.

The earliest way to determine if you have been hacked secretly and sending out spam to all your occult friends---put yourself into your address book. In my case, my other email address is in my address book---if I recieve a spam email from the other account, I know I have been spammed hacked. (And I check both accounts every day.) If you are sending out spam thanks to a hacker, change your password quickly.

And whatever you do---don't use "secret" or "password" as your secret password; that is just begging for someone to hack into your email account.

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Jack Faust said...

I always recommend using passwords formed from Dead Languages. A Latin to English dictionary is mighty handy with a few numerals added in.