Friday, April 20, 2012

You do not have to out yourself

One of the traditions that the BIORC holds to, enforced by our secrecy oath, is that only the individual member themselves have the right to reveal their membership in the tradition. Unless the member themselves steps out of the broom closet or the Vault, their membership is considered a SECRET.

Furthermore, the details of their lives and how much they share about themselves is determined by themselves. In addition, they have the right to write under a motto and never have to reveal their real legal name or any other identifiying information to the public.

(I am sure that I do not have to remind anyone of what happened to Westcott according to the famous story told by Crowley.)

This is a really old custom if you believe the history of the Rosicrucian tradition. Think about it. How much do you really know about the founder of the RC tradition? Do you ever know his name? Do you know anything about him beyond the information contained in the three original RC manifestoes?


Deanna Bonds said...

I suggested on that blog that Aletheia and Nemesis be held to the same standard. Apparently that is called being abusive. They refused the post and then made a comment I was being abusive.

One day I may get the hang of social interaction.

Joseph Max said...

The OSOGD has exactly the same policy on privacy. We are open source with our rituals, methods, philosophy, curriculum, exams, training courses, papers and public events, but a member's privacy is jealously protected. They're welcome to "out" themselves, but no one else will.

Actually, the number of our members who blog, post to forums, etc. I can count on one hand. Most, frankly, don't care about it. If we few gluttons for on-line punishment didn't tell these other members about all the nonsense that goes on in cyberspace, they wouldn't even know.

You know, it's difficult to even explain to "others" about all the political yammering in the GD online world. It's always difficult to explain crazy, I guess.