Monday, April 2, 2012

Black magic and me

Reading the internet, I realized that some people believe that when I mentioned using black magic last night that I was thinking of David Griffin.


No, I am thinking about my empty wallet. If I am going to dirty my hands with black magic, for instance use the Picatrix (which someone says is black magic), I am going to go after money. After all, I have student loans that are about to start coming due.

And considering that I am a writer, we all know any spell I use to increase my income has to be black magic...because all writers are evil, along with scholars and historians (I am just evil in spades, ain't I?).

Griffin and his Order do not have to worry about me using black magic against them. I got better and more important things to do.


Rufus Opus said...


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I just realized that this is much like saying, "No officer, I am not plotting to murder someone."

Anonymous said...

I recently received my paperback copy of Greer and Warnock's translation of *The Picatrix*. It had a black cover. Does that make it black magic(k)? ;)

-Aghor Pir