Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Traffic is a devil (blog advice)

My traffic figures for the month looks like the devil to me.
One of the things about having an overactive imagination and blogging is that occasionally you see things that are not really there. For instance, it looks like there is a horned devil in my traffic figures for the last thirty days---it is not the devil; it is just my imagination.

Of course, no blogger should be overly concerned with their traffic figures. What you really need to be concerned about is how many of your readers (if any) are actually helping you fulfill your goals as a blogger.

You know that all-important reason that keeps you blogging---be it money (selling product and memberships), entertainment (send me more cat pictures), or talking about how awesome Elvis is.

It is easy to figure out when it is money related---you just weigh the bag of loot at the end of the month.

The other two examples (and there are many more possible goals) are harder to decide if you have made any progress during the month...mainly because Elvis tends to take all the really good cat pictures with him when he leaves the building.

Remember that you can have a million readers a month, and if none of them help you fulfill the reason that you are blogging for....well, you are just wasting your time. Unless you are merely trying to inflate your ego, in which case, a million readers a month would really go a long ways towards that goal.

For the curious, I blog to entertain myself (aka upset people---boy, it was a good month), to inflict cat pictures on all of you, and occasionally to inform and instruct (but not often because that would be setting the bar too high). And this is not much different than my original reason for starting this blog...which was to comment about Golden Dawn related stuff without having to worry that my cat-inspired comments would not be approved. Sadly, the initial reason for blogging is still valid---perhaps even more so today.

Fuck you---I am Cat---I will say what I want.


Anonymous said...

I heard that blogging doesn't bring in much dinero which is why I only blog for personal entertainment and also to share a thing or two about my own path. BTW your traffic figures do look alot like Devil Horns to me too; perhaps you're "haunted" by a spirit of some demon cat.

-Aghor Pir

Alia said...

No, it's Batman.

S Warkwright said...

Well as of today you know who from you know where's posts have gone from ridiculous and mad to right out ludricious and nuts - I have no doubt that his sole intention is to muddy the name of the golden dawn - as noone in their half right mind would follow that basket of easter eggs and if they do they must be working off something serious off from a past life.

Anyways, I dont think his posts can become any more animated so the burn out should happen any time soon.

But wow.. what a clown.

zirdo said...

Five days late and this still funny as hell

Deanna Bonds said...

Wait, that is Batman.

Batman obviously is monitoring your blog, that's what creates that shape in your traffic figures.