Sunday, April 1, 2012

And yes the Order has to approve my resignation

And yes, for some strange reason, the Order that I belong to has to actually approve of my resignation. But I am not worried; if Griffin is right, they will gladly show me to the door, and I will be free to practice all types of black magic once again.

Seriously, can you picture any Golden Dawn Order (in this case, Golden Dawn based) agreeing with my opinions and deciding that my language was acceptable, my opinions acceptable, and that I do not owe Griffin and his Order an apology? It is unthinkable because we all know that Griffin is always right.

Yeah, I am looking forward to that old-time black magic. Here comes bad ass Morgan. First up, I think I want some money---lots of money, maybe even some gold.

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Alia said...

I will happily join you in prosperity workings -- there is always more month than disability check. And I have no rules in my tradition to stop me. I cannot charge for initiatory training, but I am allowed to support myself with my magical works, and I should start doing so more regularly.