Sunday, April 1, 2012

You are not getting an apology

To Griffin and company:

You are not getting an apology.

I have expressed my honest opinions, and been told that I am utterly wrong by you.

I feel that you think that my Golden Dawn and AO related experiences (not your trademarked AO, but they did call themselves AO) are invalid and unimportant. That alarms me.

I feel insulted by your anti-scholar, anti-historian, anti-writer, anti-book reviewer stance.

I feel like I have been called a witch burning Christian.

And yes, I whine and complain a lot; my Jewish ancestors live on in me.

The only opinion you seem to believe is valid is yours. I disagree. Therefore, you will not be getting an apology from me.

I am sorry, but I think we have to be enemies.

Morgan Drake Eckstein

Secret Chief Kitty adds her personal commentary.

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Alia said...

I've been reading the last month's worth of your posts, in chronological order. Hubby informs me there is more excitement to come, so understand I am still catching up. That said:

As an apparent leader in the local Wiccan community that has been called an elder by many, including you, I completely support your stance on this. Mr. Griffin and the people who have trademarked traditional names taken from the history of the Golden Dawn and declaring themselves the "One True Whatever" are the people acting like fundamentalists of any stripe and the ones I would not trust under any circumstances. Such absolute certainty that he is right is further evidence of megalomania and ego. Attempting to claim historical terms is also evidence of megalomania and corruption.

I am proud to call you my friend.