Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ballerina kitty (31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 6 Year 3)

A doll of a ballerina kitty.
Yesterday, I shared with you a horrific example of a Photoshopped kitty--one that was simply wrong (what has been seen can't be unseen). Today, I present you with a much nicer example of Photoshop being used to create a costumed kitty. Behold the Prima Ballerina Kitty in her nice pink dress and ballet shoes. And the best thing about Photoshop--no cat has to actually wear a is all in yours and Photoshop's imagination, and kitty just continue to mind its own business.

[Again, I must remind you that I realize that Photoshop is a trademarked computer program name, and not a if any of us are going to quit using it as a verb.]

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Tabatha said...

Awwww...much more classy!