Thursday, October 10, 2013

Personal mental problem (31-HP Day 11)

You say I have a mental problem
You insist that I am ill
Not evolved enough to understand you
That an enlightened being of prime intelligence
Would totally agree with you
If I was really smart, you say
Then I would obey your every whim

Well, I am sorry that you hurt
Because I won't follow you
But your ideas are boorish
And a touch immature
They smell of cheap tequila
And dollar a gallon perfume
Yes, it's a personal mental problem for sure

Oh yes, you are smarter than me
Yet you seek my advice
Yes, you are more experienced than me
Yet I have more scars
You know my business better than I do
Yet I am the one with the profit
Oh yes, I do see a personal mental problem here

You rack up evidence of your truth
Bogus websites and shady reviews
Plus a history that is truly daft
Oh yes, the problem is with me
Being unable to follow you
Because I am laughing too hard to even walk straight
Oh yes, it is definitely a mental problem I suffer from

Yes, I need some counseling and some happy pills
A priest and salvation
A guru and enlightenment
But most importantly, complete adherence to your will
Yet I would rather stuck with my lowly opinion
That you are a complete and utter prate
The cheese in the fridge is less green than you

And yes, there is a personal mental problem here
On that I would agree
But no amount of exorcism
Therapy or dog-kissing
Will negate the fact that I am old and grumpy
Quite unwilling to believe your fantastic claim
That the personal mental problem is actually mine


Unknown said...

Hi Morgan,
I love your statement that you are laughing that hard that you even can´t walk...
For sure your words will make their journey in my mind, soul and body - they will share the day (and may be even more) with me.
Warm greetings from good old Germany

DinoMama said...

People can be so self centered and judgmental isn't it. Love your poem =)