Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Results not typical (31-HP Day 17)

A full head of hair
In just seven days
Be at your ideal weight
In just ten days

Never suffer road rage
Ever again
Be a sexual magnet
With just one pill

We have what you need
For a small princely sum
Ointments, tonics, pills,
Creams and treatments

It is a modern day miracle
The latest advance in science
Endorsed by doctors
Celebrities and athletes alike

As seen on TV
Magazines and the internet
Would commercials lie to you?
Trust us, we're honest

Never mind the constant
Peeing and falling off
Of your favorite body parts
And the rare sudden blindness

It is what you want
Your greatest desire
Never mind the expense
And unseemly  side-effects

Step right up and buy it now
Hand us your coin
And take your snake-oil
Ignoring the fine print

Results not typical
Paid celebrity endorsement
Side-effects may kill you
No FDA approval


Unknown said...

It all makes you think, doesn't it? My mother is guilty of buying into all the latest diet remedies and nothing ever works. You have to change what you do and how you think, take action and be consistent. Nothing is a quick fix.

I love how you rote this. Excellent!

Missy Bell

Unknown said...

Correction, *wrote!

Anonymous said...

We get so bombarded by these standard lines

tlryder said...

"Self improvement", the great American addiction. :)