Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mother, may I? (31-HP Day 28)

You come asking
Questioning and begging
Seeking an answer
Crossing my palm
With silver coins

Shuffle and flip
Pasteboard images
Messages and truth
Spirit communication
Divine wisdom

Your eyes blind
Your ears deaf
Ignoring reality
Your mind set
Could be home

Bits and pieces
Wrenched out
Of proper context
Only heard
Is what you want

Seeking agreement
Looking for a goat
Your course is set
Advice you need not
Permission sought

I see no good
Coming from this
Outside my fee
You are doomed
Spirits annoyed

Go forth
Do your worst
Blame the cards
Blame the reader
Anyone, but yourself


Nate said...

This is awesome. Loved this one Morgan!

Dazediva said...

Really enjoyed this :)
Stopping by from the UBC FB page

Sophie Bowns said...

Another brilliant poem!
I'm stopping by from UBC!

Anonymous said...

Tarrot? I am starting to understand your poems a lot more lately. Beautiful work Morgan.

Andrea said...

Loved it! Really enjoyed reading your poem, thank you for sharing.