Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fickle (31-HP Day 13)

Meow! says Miss Clio.
Meow. Pay attention to me.
Meow. Pet me now.
Meow. Quit touching me.
Meow. Feed me now.
Meow. Not this food.
Meow. I lay here.
Meow. I lay here instead.
Meow. Too hot.
Meow. Too cold.
Meow. What? Me? Fickle?!


Brenda Adelman said...

Very cute cat!

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Thanks. She was the inspiration for today's in this just happened.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of a cat I used to have - she would jump onto my chest in the morning and wait there until I got up and fed her!


Anonymous said...

the inspiration is reflected nicely in word