Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zombies welcome shutdown (31-HP Day 2)

Attention incoming message
Memo all lurches
From Zom One
Pay attention now

Government now broke
More so normal
Time ripe uprising
Arise from grave

Finest political minds
Gathered in Washington
All parties represented
No nutritional value

Cannot add money
Cannot subtract guilt
No math powers
Except pity rich

Health care forbidden
Insurance too much
Infections welcome here
We bite much

Their own idea
Rejected and despised
Because they lost
The highest office

Empty brains destroy
Close all doors
Bolt all windows
No care public

Essential employees guns
Must stand guard
Warned against looters
Only riches matter

Non-essential no guns
At home crying
No answer email
No answer phone

Ripe public eatable
No federal aid
No big crisis
Enough to save

So rise forth
Out of grave
Eat all brains
Infect all encountered

Today our victory
Thanks empty brains
No government aid
Our victory ensured

Now is uprising
Zombies move forth
We perfectly safe
Eat all brains

Government now broke
No more bullets
No more head-shots
Defense not affordable

Go forth zombies
Eat all brains
Zom One out
Message now ends


Donald Michael Kraig said...

The government is not broke. It just closed down because some zombies have decided that they only want to play with ghouls and not other zombies. Weird.

Dale Darley said...

Being very visual that reminded me of some of the TV programs that I have watched recently about alien invasion, no electricity, Earth run amuk and the like.

Your take on your government made me smile.