Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Select models (31-HP Day 23)

All types of models
We have today
Slim to husky
Wide range of colors
Basic blacks,
Whites and greys
And more exotic reds

Some select models
Are self-sufficient
Needing only kitchen
And bathroom privileges
Perfect for workers
Gone for endless hours
Operate best in twos

Some select models
Are mischievous
Impish souls
Tricking all in the house
Quality checking
Softness of beds
And toilet paper

Some select models
Are fabulous
And show stoppers
A little extra cost
A lot of extra care
Beauty has a price

Some select models
Are coddlers
Who will greet you
After a long day
Insisting relaxation
And heart-felt kisses
Reduce stress levels

What model is this?
No way to tell
Until you get home
Cats much like women
Rely on appearance
To lure you in
Later surprising you
With their secrets


Anonymous said...

Haha, at the start I thought you were talking about women, then I thought you had discovered some wonderful robot that could replace animals and a man (no cleaning). This is a beautiful piece Morgan. Really nicely done. Amanda Helmi_BM

bookworm said...

I was thinking cats all along - hurray - cats have such varying personalities. Many times misunderstood; you must either accept them for who they are or not have one in your life.