Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today's miracle index (31-HP Day 20)

Chances of rapture occurring
Same as Ragnarok today
Chances of raining bacon
One in egg-zillion

Hell becoming colder
Than a witch's tit
About the same
As Nifelhelm warming up
To a tepid cup of tea

Politicians getting along
And doing their jobs
What exactly are politicians
Supposed to be doing anyways?

Odds of raining frogs
And seas of boiling blood
Equal to California sinking
And Atlantis rising upwards

Jewish messiah knocking
At thy door unlikely
As is the odd chance
That an UFO will land
And find intelligent life

As for me finishing
That damn overdue article
And sending it to the editor
The chances of that
Are equally dim today


Richa Singh said...

All points are very interesting but I empathise with the last para most! :D :D


Marika said...

LOL especially on weekend, the last paragraph is so me!

Sophie Bowns said...

Amazing! You have a great way with words, I am impressed (again) :)

Unknown said...

Final paragraph describes my day to a t, lol.

Jean said...

Your posts are always so entertaining. You have a gift with words.