Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shakespeare's monkey (31-HP Day 9)

One of the many monkeys that I have drawn over the last couple of years.

A long time
Years, decades, centuries
Millenniums, eons, universes,
A really long time.
Randomly pecking at keys
Click, chunk, jam, curse
A roomful of monkeys
No computers for angels.
Give us long enough
And we will give you
Milton, Shakespeare
And the entire Old Testament.
It is probability,
It is randomness,
It is blind chance,
Order arising from chaos.
From random acts
Came fire and the wheel,
Towers and rockets,
The entirety of civilization.
Life itself is random,
Chance made our DNA,
The monkey and Shakespeare,
You and me.


Katherine Bartlett said...

My husband used to write things like this when we first met.

Tracy Tennant said...

Very creative poem. I liked your drawing of the monkey. I can only draw stick figures.

Joanne Kaminski said...

I love it. This is how I feel everyday. I love to write, but sometimes it is just clunk, clunk, clunk.

DinoMama said...

Can I hire your monkey to help me write a blog post when I've no time to sit in front of my laptop to do so?

Unknown said...

You had me at Shakespeare!

Unknown said...

I am wondering who influenced your poetry?

Cindy said...

Love the monkey drawing!