Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! (31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 31 Year 3)

Oh, hi there.
 Yes, I realize that it is really early for this post, and following right on the heels of my previous one, but it is do it now or forget it. (Why? Because the Tarot Blog Hop post goes live at eight in the morning.)
What Halloween is really about--candy!!!
 In my opinion, Halloween is all about the candy--which you have to share with the cats because...well, because you just have to share the candy with the cats. Not that the cats actually eat the candy; but it makes such a nice cat toy, they just must have some of it to play with.
My cookies as well as everything else I try to eat.
 And cookies, I could go for a few cookies. Of course, what is a cookie if it is not touched by a cat? I don't know either.
So beautiful Pumpkin Kitties.
 I just think that this is an awesome picture of two kittens in a pumpkin.
Yes, I am looking at you.
 I will admit that if a human looked like this, we would be scared for our lives.
Smile like the psycho that you are.
Occasionally, I smile like this...typically when the Jehovah Witnesses come to the door to try to save my pagan soul. Only one of my cats ever wants to talk to them...and I think it is because he thinks that he can convert them over to worshipping Bast.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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