Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kermit is that you? (31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 1 Year 3)

Rain, frogs, snails and a kitten.
Welcome to day one of the third annual 31 Days of Halloween Kitties. This feature is running alongside something that I am doing for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (31 Days of Halloween Poems).

For those who do not know, the Ultimate Blog Challenge is an attempt by bloggers to improve their blogs, traffic and all, by writing 31 blog posts in a single month. Personally, having done partial attempts of the UBC in the past, I have discovered that the traffic boost is just temporary...at least, for me that is.

(Sometimes, I think that the only people who really benefit at all are the organizers of the UBC--but I could be wrong considering that I have only done partial attempts. There is a long story that goes along with my last try--and it is really boring unless you are a business person.)

As for the 31 Days of Halloween Kitties, it is something that I started doing three years ago during my last year at university while I was finishing off my bachelor degrees. The fall semester was the finish of my bachelors in literary studies (I finished off my bachelors in history during the spring semester). It was a quick and fun way to post blog entries without having to think deeply about anything beyond my final paper. Besides, everyone loves cute cats dressed in costumes, right?

Ok, maybe the cats don't like the costumes. I am not sure about the feelings of the kitten in today's picture--it seems undecided whether or not, it is wrong to dress a cat up as a frog. Well, at least it is not out in the rain.

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