Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Four kitties of the apocalypse (31-HP day 10)

Read from the ancient text Liber Bastet:
John, your vision is faulty
Not only four horsemen there be
But also cats of gloom and doom

First is Famine
A fat cat that cries
All hours for more grub
Despite overflowing food dish

Second is Pestilence
Nibbles and drools on all your food
Drinking out of your cup
After licking their own butt

War is the third
Hisses and howls day and night
Patrols the neighborhood
Raining down violence on all intruders

Fourth and final is Death
Half-eaten mice and birds
An occasional rabbit leg
Left on mat and pillow

And behold the house they live in
Behold their loyal owner
Naïve human unknowingly
Petting the true harbingers of the Apocalypse
This is what true evil looks like.


Unknown said...

Ooh creepy, menacing poem. Love it :-)

Michael said...

That was hilarious. Great way to start the day.

Visiting from UBC

Unknown said...