Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lucky penny #1 (31-HP Day 25)

Go ahead and share the lucky penny.
Here is a lucky penny
Pass it on and on
If you don't,
Imps will invade
Your underwear drawer

Here is a lucky email
Forward it to five more
Multiplied by five squared
If you don't,
No more puppies

Here is a lucky elephant
Pass it on to a friend
Never mind your back
And just duct tape the hernia
After all, it is a lucky elephant

[This poem is part of my ebook, Grandma' Broom and Other Witchy Poems available on Amazon.]


Nate said...

This is awesome Morgan. It's been awhile since I've been here. Catching up on your other blog posts. Thanks buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan. I always love reading your poetry, I never know where it will take me each day. I don't want a hernia from an elephant, so I've tweeted you on your way. Amanda HelmiBM

Unknown said...

I wonder if those imps invaded my sock drawer. Another great one, Morgan!

Unknown said...

Very funny Morgan! I am glad I stopped by your blog. Keep on blogging, you are very witty! :)

tlryder said...

So that's how the imps got in my sock drawer! :)