Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One hundred ninety eight thousand all time views here

Secret Chief Apollo states his reason why you should read this blog.
So according to the Blogger's information, as I write this, I have exactly 198000 all-time views. There is part of me that wants to claim that "nearly two hundred thousand readers have discovered this blog"--but that would be false. In fact, it is probably just twenty-five readers who have came here eight thousand times apiece. Yes, that is right--overall views is just the number of "page views/reads" that you have received, not the number of readers overall...despite what some bloggers would have you believe.

I have no idea (and either does any other blogger) about how many "unique" readers I actually had over the years--mainly because the NSA will not tell us. Why is that? Because every time that someone rereads a post, or checks my comment section, that is counted as an additional pageview--the only way to track "unique" readers is to install cookies on visitors computers, and the cookies are only accurate until the user wipes their internet browser cache. That is, if you are not the NSA--the NSA is tracking something else completely (as in your individual email addresses, phone numbers, and service providers) and using a really big server to store all the information in.

And yes, if you are reading this, the NSA is probably looking at you--after all, this blog is about the Golden Dawn, and the Secret Chiefs of my Order have light bulbs. That is radical occult science!


Unknown said...

I get excited when I get over 20 visits to one of my blog posts, nice work Morgan! Keep up the work and try to find more cat pictures like that 'pumpkin cat' so esoteric!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the bragging rights, Morgan. Or maybe I shouldn't use your name with the NSA trolls?

I stopped looking at visitor numbers a long time ago (for some, that might lead to depression :-)). Curiously, I don't have any kind of earth-shattering numbers coming to my most lucrative site that I'm currently neglecting. But, those that do come generate sales. That makes me smile.